The device is on, but I don't see my location on the platform, why?

The device is on, but I don't see my location on the platform, why?

After you install your new devices, it may take a few trips for the platform to read the signal from the device. You should see the location after a few trips.

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      At first, when you plug the device into your vehicle you will see some lights turn on. These lights represent the different states of the device with colors. Please see below for the different states of the device: Blinking amber and solid amber When ...
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    • What is the refresh rate for GPS location?

      Readings are collected every 20 seconds. It takes between 30 - 60 seconds for the app to update location while driving. It is a little longer on initial start up.
    • Is the operation of my vehicle affected by the device?

      No. The device should not affect the operation of your vehicle.
    • My device suddenly stopped working. What to do?

      Turn off the engine and unplug the device for 5 minutes and then try again. If it is still not working, try leaving it plugged overnight.