The app doesn't respond. What do I do?

The app doesn't respond. What do I do?

Please check your internet connection or contact our technical support. They will gladly resolve your problems as quickly as possible.

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    • How to configure Fleetr app?

      Introduction In this guide, we will be going over a few details to get you started with Fleetr and how to make the best of what we have to offer. We will be discussing: Live View Fleet Configuration Alert Configuration Edit driver and vehicle ...
    • How do I generate a summary report?

      Please refer to the Performance tab on the app. Otherwise, you can select to have reports emailed to you weekly.
    • What is the refresh rate for GPS location?

      Readings are collected every 20 seconds. It takes between 30 - 60 seconds for the app to update location while driving. It is a little longer on initial start up.
    • How do I cancel my subscription to Fleetr?

      To cancel, you must notify Fleetr in writing or through the App of your election not to renew at least five days prior to the last day of the month.
    • Getting Started

      Welcome to Fleetr We're excited that you choose us as your company. Right after you complete your sign up on you will receive an email called Welcome to Fleetr Please note that your device will arrive within 5 - 10 business days but you ...