Support Toolkit

Support Toolkit


Why know how hard it is at times to look for the help you need and get answers to your questions. This is why we have centralized all of our help resources in our Support Toolkit! This tool centralizes all the resources you need to get acquainted with our platform and learn to maximize it so you are in better control of your fleet. The toolkit includes resources such as:


1. Knowledgebase: is a database of all the useful articles available to learn every single detail about our functionalities.

2. Product releases: A page where you will get to learn our latest features when they are hot off the press.

3. Support Chat: When you can't find the information you need you can always contact our support team for help

4. Send Feedback: Have an idea for an improvement, or do you see something that is missing that is critical for your business? Send us some feedback!


The toolkit is located in the lower-right of your screen.