In this article, we will go over how to set up Maintenance for your vehicle based on a configured odometer reading. Setting up Maintenance lets you start tracking when a vehicle is near a specifically configured threshold so you are able to plan for them with alerts.


With this feature you are able to configure preventative Maintenance for:

  • General
  • Oil
  • Brake Pads




Maintenence is located in each individual vehicle with a button under the name of "Maintenance". Clicking on this button will open up a side panel that will let you configure up to 3 different maintenance types for each vehicle in addition to adding an odometer reading for the vehicle.



The first step to setting up Maintenance for your vehicle is updating the vehicle's odometer reading. You can do this by clicking on the breadcrumb icon right next to the meter and inputting the current reading. 


Note: The odometer reading is captured and updated from an estimation of the configured reading and trips made by the vehicle while the device has been plugged in. If there is any inconsistency between the reading in the platform and the actual odometer, you can edit at any time.


Configure Maintenance

Once the odometer has been updated you are ready to start configuring the Maintenance for your vehicle! To start just simple click on the "Add maintenance" button and choose which one you would like to set up.



There are only 3 easy steps to set it up:


1. Choose the type of Maintenance.

2. Edit the current odometer of the vehicle. 

Note: this will override the already configured Odometer reading.

3. Choose at what specific milage the vehicle needs its next maintenance so you can receive an alert.

Note: For each maintenance, you will be receiving an alert at 85% and 100% of the configured threshold.


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