How can I update my driver and vehicle info?

How can I update my driver and vehicle info?

Once you log into our platform for the first time, you will see that you will have a number of drivers and vehicles equal to the number of devices you purchased. As a fleet manager, you can edit both vehicles and drivers to any specified naming that fits your workflow. By default, your vehicles will have dummy names for both drivers and vehicles until they are edited.


In the side panel, select Vehicles and look for the vehicle you want to edit.

Once you have the vehicle, select it by clicking on the vehicle and then clicking on Edit Vehicle.

On the edit section, you can edit the vehicle details like brand, model, age, and plate. Once you finished editing your vehicle, click on save and close the windows.

You can also add the driver details and associate them to the vehicle, even though, if you change it for a new driver, all past score data will remain with the most recent driver.


Update driver info

On the side panel, you have to select the driver option by doing click on it. In the Drivers section, you will be able to look at all the drivers you have in your fleet, you can look for the driver and select it or, you can also type the driver's name in the search bar.

Once you have the driver you want to edit, click on it and click on the three dots in the upper right corner.

In the edit section, you can edit the driver's first and last name, phone, and email. 

Please ensure the following before saving:
  1. All fields in the form must be completed.
  2. Avoid using duplicate information, such as emails, names, or other details.
  3. All input fields are required; however, you may use placeholder information where you do not wish to provide actual details. For example, in the email field, you can use even if it is not a real email address.
Once you finished editing your driver, click on save and close the window.