Getting Started

Getting Started

Welcome to Fleetr

We're excited that you choose us as your company.

Right after you complete your sign up on you will receive an email called Welcome to Fleetr

Please note that your device will arrive within 5 - 10 business days but you can access our platform immediately after the sign up.

How to access Fleetr the first time?
You just have to click on the Access to Fleetr button, please note that this link only works the first time, if you need to access again , please check this guide that we made for you: How to access Fleetr?


When you open the link on a desktop browser, the link will be opened on a different tab and it's going to be ready for use

Iphone and Android
When you open the link on a mobile device the link will be opened our Fleetr app if you have it installed, if not, it will redirect you to the Apple Appstore/Google Playstore automatically where you can install our app.

If when you click the button it redirects you to a page stating that 'The link has expired', you can login again on using your credentials, please follow this guide: How to access Fleetr?

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