In this article, we will see how easy it is to read the health of your vehicles through the DTC codes. The codes will make it possible to better publicize the status of the vehicles and the faults they may have.

We will discuss:
• Where to view vehicle health
• How to read the status of the fleet
• Where do you get this information from?

Where to see the health of vehicles
It's very easy, in the same health module as before, now you can find the most complete and detailed information on the state of the fleet. By clicking on the module, you will be able to see the option of engine error codes, where you can see it according to state or all at once.


How to read fleet status by colors:
The colors have the following meaning
• Green: Good condition
• Yellow: Bad condition
• Red: Critical condition


How to read fleet status
If we select a vehicle in poor condition and select an error code, it will be displayed to show the location of the error in the vehicle, giving a mapping of where these errors affect. It also gives us information about the meaning of the error and its details as a cause and suggestions.
Similarly, if you select a vehicle in good condition, it will appear green with zero error codes.
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Where do you get this information from?
This information comes from the same installed device, which, being connected to the vehicle's engine, can access the error codes and collect them. At fleetr we read these codes and interpret them for better reading and understanding, we know how difficult it can be.